Projects/activities 2018-2019:

The purpose of the new programmes is to create a residency fully focused on art and culture. The historical town of Assisi offers a variety of cultural activities every week. The possibility to experience and explore the ancient Roman ruins, located in the underground of the town, as well as the shrines, fountains and the Medieval symbolism depicted in the facades of the Gothic and Romanesque churches.

Guided tours, focused on the historical and artistic heritage of Assisi, are also available every week, thanks to the local guides.

For further information, please, contact us at
(+39) 3388134078




Upcoming Projects-Events 2015

March 9 – 20

participation in FLORENCE Exhibition – Artour-o – Palazzo Medici Riccardi

Project Leader Marina Merli for the City of Assisi


April 23

The native plants and flowers of the Mt. Subasio – walk along the paths of Mt. Subasio Regional Park, accompanied by experts of the Umbria Environment and History, with a focus on the native plants and flowers.


May 13

The “companion plants” and the agriculture in the Mt. Subasio – walk along the paths of Mt. Subasio Regional Park, accompanied by experts of the Umbrian Environment and History, with a focus on the ancient techniques for the cultivation of the local grapes.

the upcoming events will be announced soon!


Cultural activities 2014

March 3 – 10
third workshop focused on the Finnish poetry, teacher of the course: Finnish poet T. Parkko, at the Cultural Association Ginestrelle.


March 31
wild and edible herbs in the Mt. Subasio – walk along the paths of Subasio Park with the aim of spreading knowledge of some plant species, wild and edible, typical of the park of Mount Subasio.


April 15
visit to the springs and fountains in the Park of Mount Subasio, led by experts in the area, starting from the venue of the cultural centre Ginestrelle.


May 14
tour to the historic center of Perugia, organized by Ginestrelle and Prof. Standardi, with the participation of International artists: Margarita Muñiz (Uruguay), Jang-yeun Jun (South Korea), Christine Lofaso and Katie Cortese (USA).


May 25
participation association Ginestrelle the Solemnity of Madonna dei Tre Fossi (X century) – in Santa Maria di Lignano.

June 14
walk along the paths of Subasio, to deepen the knowledge of native plants and Umbrian landscape, accompanied by historians and professor of environmental research.


July 1 – 7
Italian language course for Finnish writers visiting Assisi – at the Cultural Association Ginestrelle – lecturer Prof. H. Heino


August 9
The European Landscape Convention – University of Perugia


September 4
visit to the cellars of Bettona Soc. Agr. Cooperative with visiting International artists: Nina Mattila (Finland), Ewa Kutermak-Madej (Poland), Rashid Akmanov, Anastasia Zheleznaya, Linda Luise Brown, David Walters (USA).


September 18
Seminar “The testimonies of the historical relations between Italy and Hungary, in the natural and historical heritage of the region of the Alps and the Carpathians.”

Speaker: Dr. László Urban (PhD) Historical in Economics and chief researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Santo Stefano Gödöllo (Hungary)
Moderator: Prof. A. Standardi – Cultural Association Ginestrelle – Dr. Marina Merli


November 30 – December 8
International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2014, with the participation of fifty artists from twenty-two countries, curated by Arte Studio Ginestrelle (Marina Merli curator, in collaboration with the City of Assisi, the American artist Virginia Mallon, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department Columbia Association Cultural and Educational Corporation (USA).


Cultural activities 2013

incoming meeting:

July 1-8

Workshop of Finnish Poetry,hold by the poet and writer Tommi Parkko

next events:

November 30 – December 8


November 10

Presentation of the Landscape Architectural project,along the trails of Arte Studio Ginestrelle’s park

October 27

Meeting focused on the dye Plants in the Mount Subasio

September 29

Walking through the trails of the Regional Park of Mount Subasio, exploring the Umbrian landscape architecture, with experts of Agriculture and History

Cultural meetings and events proposed during Spring 2013

March 16

Cultural meeting with the Danish Institute in Rome, at Arte Studio Ginestrelle


April 7

Performance Alfabeto, by artists Christiane Hommelsheim and Irene Mattioli

Performance Alfabeto, by the artists Christiane Hommelsheim&Irene Mattioli

May 5

Seminar about History&Tourism natters hold by Dr. Urban László University of Gödöllő Hungary and Prof. Alvaro Standardi University of Perugia

Parco Elisabetta nella citta di Esztergom

Seminar programme, May 5th









March 1- December 31 FESTIVAL DANTE AND THE MOUNT SUBASIO, poetry readings,land art installations, performances, video art, visual arts,music,film.

May 6 Seminar about History&Tourism at Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Dr Urban László University of Gödöllő Hungary, Prof. Alvaro Standardi University of Perugia

June 1-15 Performances “Into my home”, by Didymos Alessia Certo and Giulia Vannucci, performers and visual artists from Genova, Italy

June 23Takuya Imahori&Michiko Fukazawa, Japanese Composers of contemporary music, in Concert at the ex-barns of artestudioginestrelle Concert of Contemporary Music, Program

July 2-9 workshop of Finnish Poetry on the theme DANTE AND THE MOUNT SUBASIO,with the poet Tommi Parkko

August 1-8 workshop “A Feast of Words: Exploring Poetryis the title of the poetry workshop which will be held by Dr. Jenna Butler, internationally known poet, writer and professor at the McEwan University, Edmonton (Canada)

August 12-20 Landscape Painting Italy August 2012, by Prof. Paul Reuther, at artestudioginestrelle


Featured exhibiting Artists 2012:

Freja Carmichael, Jenny Lyons & David Roberts, Hugh Rennison (AUSTRALIA), Angela Gregovic (AUSTRIA), Jenna Butler, Matthew Struth (CANADA), Daniel Castellanos Reyes (Colombia), Katharina McPherson Rawlins (DENMARK), Rita Dahl, Nina Mattila, Pasi Rakas Jääskeläinen, Päivi Liski, Tommi Parkko, Anu-Hanna Anttila, Terhi Ekebom, Anu-Liina Ginström, Marja Kangas, Heli Konttinen, Salla Mistola, Piia Syrjäaho, Salla Tuukkanen (FINLAND), Cornelia Marin, Carol Müller (FRANCE), Julie Galante, Linda Havenstein (GERMANY), Anuja Gokhale, Prashant Miranda (INDIA), Egle Grunfeld (ISRAEL), Roberto Cavalieri, Didymos Alessia course & Giulia Vannucci (ITALY), Satoko Nagashima, Michiko Fukazawa & Takuya Imahori (JAPAN) Marieke Helmus, Femke Monteny, Yoka Van Zuijlen (NETHERLANDS), Agata Trafalska (POLAND), Alexey Baranov & Marina Kornilieva, Svetlana Bunina (RUSSIA), Yuri Kim (SINGAPORE), Sarie Eksteen, Drini Jacob, Kato Neveling, Ilona Petzer, Elani Van der Merwe, Tanah Van Schalkwyk (SOUTH AFRICA), Hyunjung An, Seunguk Oh (SOUTH KOREA), Ignacio de Grado (SPAIN), Åsa Boström (SWEDEN), Yvonne Rüegg (SWITZERLAND), Keith Wilson (UK), Mark Adato, Campbell Baker, Charles Chen, Tracy Featherstone, Erika Gentry, Jo Going, Robert Haslach, Melissa Johnson, Hailey Lowe, Kate Pearson, O. Gustavo Plascencia, Paul Reuther, Tommy Taylor, Michele Waalkes, Jagger Waters, Roscoe Wilson, Ariel Yelen, Josephine A. Garibaldi, Paul Zmolek, Tom Hallaq (U.S.A.).


workshop proposals 2013 your Work experience at Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Italy: Professional artists/writers interested in organizing workshops are invited to submit their proposals

Cultural activities 2011

March 20, Seminar about History&Tourism at Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Dr Urban László University of Gödöllő Hungary, Prof. Alvaro Standardi University of Perugia

March, Arte Studio Ginestrelle joined Artour-o 2011, Florence

April 24, La Fêtes Mystique performancebyJoëlle Couturier and Manuel Bisson, Visual artists from Montréal, Québec, Canada, at Arte Studio Ginestrelle

June 6, Appartengono(A Sense of Belonging), Performance Directed by Joséphine A. Garibaldi and Paul Zmolek, at Arte Studio Ginestrelle

August 8 , Performance “into my home”, by Didymos Alessia Certo and Giulia Vannucci, performers and visual artists from Genova, Italy

September 22-25 , Arte Studio Ginestrelle joined London Design Festival, show case at Tent London Truman Brewery street

October 8-15, International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2011, Art Gallery Le Logge, Assisi



Elizabeth Brown

Lynne Flemons

Sarah Parker

Benjamin Sheppard

Katie Shriner

Sally Stokes


Gabriela Brioschi


Joelle Couturier & Manuel Bisson

Christina Gouthro

Serge Marchetta


Matti Kilponen ;

Karri Kokko :

Tommi Parkko


Didymos – Alessia Certo&Giulia Vannucci

Eva Terzoni


Ng Annabelle


Margarida Rodrigues


Tatiana Bugaenko ;

Muza Bugaenko

Philip Firsov

Diana Grigoryeva


Haiyun Jung

Justine Lee Seonghwa


Sarah Al Aqeeli


Connie Gallagher

Keith Wilson R.U.A.


Josephine Garibaldi&Paul Zmolek ; ;

Anthony Hawley & Rebecca Fischer ;

Spencer Hutchinson
Janne Larsen

Jenna Pallio

Roman Serra

Sal Sidner

Amy Vander Els

Cultural activities 2010

March 27, Seminar about History&Tourism at Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Dr. Urban Laszlo Hungary, Prof. Alvaro Standardi University of Perugia

Arte Studio Ginestrelle joined Artour-o 2010, Florence

April 25, Solo Show “That Thing” by the Canadian Artist Adrianne Williams, at the open studio of the residency Arte Studio Ginestrelle

May/June Photograpy Exhibition “Springs and Fountains in the Regional Park of Mount Subasio“. The exbibition was showed at the barn of the residency. Photographer Renato Elisei

September 20, lesson about the old technique for growing grapes “la vite maritata“, with Prof. Ivo Picchiarelli at the Nazzareno’s Farm-house

October 17-24, solo exhibition by the Italian painter Marco Sorcetti “Sanctuaries in the Regional Park of Mount Subasio”, at Arte Studio Ginestrelle

November 25-December 2, International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2010 at the Gallery Sala Pinacoteca, Assisi town.

Exhibiting Artists 2010:

Adrianne Williams Canada

Sheenagh Geoghegan UK

Tommasina Squadrito Italy

Cinzia Fiaschi Italy

Volter Group Finland

Justyna Gruszczyk Poland

Sal Sidner U.S.

Seonghwa Justine Lee South Korea

Sue Hubbard UK

Warwick Allsopp Australia

Katherine Uren Australia

Maribel Portela Ortiz Mexico

Collin Sekajugo Rwanda

Seung Hyun Woo UK

Bronwen Jones Australia

Keith Wilson – R.U.A. UK

Noilin O’Kelly UK

Audrone Bagatyryte-Edmundas Leonavicious Lithuania

Sky Fairchild Waller Canada

Cultural Activities for year 2009

April 8 – Courses in pruning of fruit trees and vines with the partecipation of Prof. Ivo Picchiarelli

April 11-12-13 – workshop of ceramic with the partecipation of artist ceramist, MrsSara Sensi

May 1st Projection Federico Fellini’s Film “La Strada”, with the participation of Ivan Italiani – Cultural Association Cineclub Shining from Pesaro, Italy.

May 25 – Exibition of butterflies and other insects of the Park with partecipation of biology and entomology University of Perugia:

Prof.ssa Carla Corallini

Dr. Igor Pivotti

Dr. Marco Antonio Sorcetti

June 6 – Meeting of Green Therapy and Pet Therapy

with the participation of professors from the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Perugia and other experts:

– –Prof. Alvaro Standardi

-Dr.ssa Maria Emilia Ceppi

Dr.ssa Enrica Bizzarri

-Prof. Oliviero Olivieri

-Dr. Moreno Moraldi

Dr.ssa Goretta Morini

-Dr.ssa Marina Merli

July 5 – Concert of classic music and Bossa Nova, musician Fabio Martins de Almeida

August 6 – Courses of restoration of old fountain of “Ginestrelle”, with partecipation of professor of history, Prof. Ivo Picchiarelli and an old artist of stone.

September 18-19-20 – workshop of art ceramic with the partecipation of artist ceramist, Mrs Sara Sensi.

October-November-December 2009

– Planning the “Ginestrelle A.I.R. Artists-in-Residence 2010-2011”, program from 13 of March 2010 to 11 of January 2011.

– Planning new cultural events for 2010.

Projects organized in the year 2008

May 25 Th Exhibition of landscape photographs” by internationally known photographer Dr. Maurizio Biancarelli.

Aug. 3 rd “Dall’Appennino alla Taiga”Presentation of photos by Dr.Maurizio Biancarelli presented and commented by the photographer.

Sept. 21 st“Incontro nel paesaggio boschivo di Ginestrelle”

a trekking among the paths of the Mt. Subasio Regional Park and a lecture on its flora and fauna with the contribution of professors from the Department of Agriculture of the University of Perugia:

– Prof. Alvaro Standardi

– Dr.ssa Domizia Donnini

– Prof. Luciano Morbidini

– Prof. Ivo Picchiarelli

Nov. 9 Th “a visit to the source of the Ginestrelle” with a discussion by experts (Prof.ssa Carla Corallini, Prof. Ivo Picchiarelli) of the territory on the theme: “The sources of Mt. Subasio and ancient topographic names”.

Dec. 14 Th Presentation of the book “Un raggio di Umbria” by the author Dr.ssa Nadia Martins de Almeida.

Marina Merli, President of the cultural association “Ginestrelle”



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