Creative and writing retreats 2023-2024, Assisi and Mt. Subasio

fog at sunset, Assisi and Mt. Subasio

A slow and deep path along the creativity is starting, surrounded by the historical heritage of Assisi and the serene environment of Mt. Subasio.
Sensitive minds are invited to delight their souls through the soft pink limestone of the Medieval architectures, natural trails, waterfalls, olive groves and ancient forest trees.
The residency programs 2023-2024 aim to disconnect ourselves from the frenetic contemporary style of life and to care to the authentic human values.
The word “produce”, as a series of pieces, has found another gentle and romantic term: “create”, slowly and deeply.

Residency programs at Arte Studio Ginestrelle and Writing Residency in the heart of Assisi, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For application-forms and any further details, please, contact the director Marina Merli at