FESTIVAL Dante&the Mount Subasio


“Intra Tupino e l’acqua che discende
del colle eletto dal beato Ubaldo,
fertile costa d’alto monte pende,

onde Perugia sente freddo e caldo
da Porta Sole; e di rietro le piange
per grave giogo Nocera con Gualdo.

Photo: Erika Gentry

Però chi d’esso loco fa parole,
non dica Ascesi, ché direbbe corto,
ma Orïente, se proprio dir vuole”.

Dante, Divina Commedia, Cantico XI Paradiso, 43-54

“Between Topino and the stream that pours

Down from the hill picked by the blest Ubaldo,

A fertile slope slants from a soaring mountain

“Which makes Perugia feel the cold and heatThrough Porta Sole; and for their heavy yoke Gualdo and Nocera weep behind it.

“From this slope, where its steepness tapers off,

A sun has risen up into the world,Just as it sometimes rises from the Ganges.

“Let no one, then, who seeks to name this placeSpeak of Assisi, a word that is too meager,

But of the East, if he would talk correctly.”

43 Assisi lies between the Topino river and the Chiascio, a river near the hill where Saint Ubaldo (d. 1160) built his hermitage.

47 Porta Sole, eastern gate of Perugia, lets in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. The towns of Gualdo and Nocera also feel the weather on the eastern slope of Mount Subasio.

53 Dante puns on the meaning of Assisi’s old name: Ascesi (which means: “I have risen”) and the East (Orient, where the sun rises). The sun and not a mere man has come into the world.

In the Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri describes Assisi as the Orient, the place where the sun rises (Canto XI Paradiso, 52-54). In fact, he compares Francis to the rising sun. It is within this mediaeval context of cosmology that we have to understand the life and times of Francis of Assisi and of Clare, his “pianticella”, or little plant.

Dante and the Mount Subasio

a cicle of poetry readings, installations, performaces inspired by the Dante’s Divine Comedy, Canto XI Paradiso (43-54), in which Dante Alighieri describes Assisi and its sacred Mount.
International artists, writers and poets are invited to participate in the sixth session of this cultural event, which will start again in March 2017, as a part of the residencies programs organized by Arte Studio Ginestrelle artist residency, located in the heart of the Regional Park of Mount Subasio, in Assisi (the UNESCO World Heritage site).


For Further information about the event and residencies, please, contact us: marina.merli@alice.it ; artestudioginestrelle@gmail.com

Mount Subasio in Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Subasio



Past Projects 2008 – February 23th 2018

Artists from all over the world are invited to join the Environmental Art in the Regional Park of Mount Subasio, in Assisi, through the establishment of installations made with local and natural materials, such as stone and wood, workshops, exhibitions, poetry readings and open-air art events. With new artist residency and artist workspace programs offered by Arte Studio Ginestrelle, it remains a place for those who seek adventure in their art making in a spectacular and challenging landscape.

The Land Art projects, which will be developed during the year, will be filmed and shown at the International Exhibition, in the town of Assisi, December 2013.

 Each artist will have the opportunity to develop his/her project within a number of different artistic fields:


Visual Artspainting, drawing, photography, installation art, land art, sculpture, etc.

Literary Arts fiction, poetry, script writing, novel, short stories etc.

Performing Arts dancing, music, drama


 The Environmental Artworks can be done outside: in one of the two refurbished barns which have been adapted as workspaces, along the paths and water falls of the Park of Mount Subasio.





Manifesto Exhibition 2014


with the participation of fifty artists from twenty-two countries, curated by Arte Studio Ginestrelle – Marina Merli curator, in collaboration with the City of Assisi, the American artist Virginia Mallon, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department Columbia Association Cultural and Educational Corporation (USA)

The INTERNATIONAL COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION 2013 of the ART PROJECTS developed during the residencies has been shown in November 30 – December 8, 2013 – Art Gallery Le Logge, Assisi

Assisi Exhibition 2013, invitation flyer

Please contact us for further information about how to apply: artestudioginestrelle@gmail.com

The International collective exhibition of all the works created during the residencies 2012 have been shown in Assisi at the prestigious Art Gallery Le Logge, from the 2nd to the 9th of December 2012.

Disclipines: Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Film, Music, Design, Architecture, Research

Please, visit the gallery space on http://www.flickr.com/photos/70790594@N04/




How to take part in the International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2012

I- First apply for the program Ginestrelle Artists-in-residency 2012, from March to December 2012.

II- With the acceptance of the residency applications, Arte Studio Ginestrelle allows the artists to take part in the exhibition.

III- Provide Arte Studio Ginestrelle with the following information (the last deadline is the 31st of August 2012):

 Brochure Details

  1. Please specify: Discipline (Visual artist/Writer/Poet/Film maker/ Performer/Musician etc.), City/Country, Degree title (eg. BFA in Visual Arts, name of the University, city)

  2. Title of the Project which artist would like to develop during his/her residency

  3. Description of the Project (max 200 words)

  4. 2 digital images high resolution (300 dpi)

  5. website or e-mail

  6. For joint project-works artists will share the same page into the brochure

 Exhibition Details

  1. List of works for the exhibition, including title, size, medium and sale price

  2. Installation requirements, if any.

Please, contact us for further information about the artists/artestudioginestrelle’s responsibilities, tecnical details etc. marina.merli@alice.it



International creative olive grove, Arte Studio Ginestrelle
International creative olive grove, Arte Studio Ginestrelle

the International creative olive grove is a cultural project developed by Arte Studio Ginestrelle,
Assisi, UNESCO World Heritage Site

The International artist residency Arte Studio Ginestrelle is planning new cultural activities throughout the month of November 2016 and for the next year 2017: visit the creative olive grove in the countryside of Assisi, visit the local mills, tasting the new olive oil, development of creative projects aimed in enhancing the rural landscape.

for the complete program, please, contact us at: artestudioginestrelle@gmail.com